At Blue Margouillat, every moment of the day is a treat for your taste buds.

Start the day with a classic breakfast, served at your table.

Fruits, dairy products and danish are also available at our buffet. Enjoy the exotic tastes of our jam selection (e.g. litchi, papaya, cherry guava, tamarind) and our freshly squeezed fruit juices. Lunch and afternoon tea are served from 12AM to 5PM. Food-lovers will enjoy our à la carte snacks served as you relax by the swimming pool or at the bar next to it.

The final rays of the setting sun beam off of your cocktail glass, as you enjoy a selection of delicious pastries and titbits prepared by our Chef, Marc Chappot. Draw out this moment;
immortalize it every evening of your stay while gazing at the bay of Saint Leu..

All of these are an invitation to a candle-lit dinner around the swimming pool or on the verandah with Jazz music in the background.

The gastronomic menu boasts of original dishes prepared from rigorously selected ingredients seasoned with local spices such as turmeric, coriander, cinnamon or ginger. Our three wine lists,
namely (« Classic Wines », « Good Hope » and « Exceptional Wines ») as well as our Champagne list - the Blue Margouillat Bubbly, add a sparkle to that transparent quality of nights in the Tropics.

Nights are never too long at the Blue Margouillat hotel. Have a late night coffee or some tea, some liqueur or a digestif like the famous « rhum arrangé » from our “Epicures” after-dinner drink list. Our homemade « rhum arrangé », prepared with different flavours, is worth a try. If you are keen on cigars, discover the marvellous array of cigars our cigar cellar has to offer.

If you'd rather an non-alcoholic beverage, Blue Margouillat's « No A » soft drink list offers cocktails made of vitamin-packed freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

L'Eveil des Sens


King crabe meat and coconut tree eart salad
Mayonnaise with vinegar of local sugar cane
Petals of tomatoes and olive oil pearl
Crispy creal bread chips
32 €

Red tuna and oysters from Britanny tartar
Fresh herbs and lime, crispy pasta
Whipped cream flavoured with aromatic herbs
25 €

Cannelloni of home made smoked salmon
Heart of spinny lobster and crunchy vegetables
Osciètre caviar and passion fruits sweet and sour
26 €

Half cooked natural duck liver with vanilla flavour
Home made smoked breast of duck, rhubarbe chutney with curcuma
Red palmist’s cabbage and sweet bread with nuts
29 €

Fricassé of snails from Reunion Island and mushrooms served on a garlic cream
Salted crumble with fresh thyme
Fresh herbs salad with white balsamic vinegar
24 €

Vegetarian meal
Pumpkin soup flavoured with curry spice served hot
Focaccia with olive oil, oinions compote and tender mozzarella “Buratta”
Basil salsa
19 €


Main courses 

Roasted beef filet “Red Galice”
Small potatoes slowly roasted, spring onions and dried cherry tomatoes, somes mushrooms
Meat juice flavoured with spices and pieces of duck liver pan-fried
49 €

Lamb fillet marinated snacked and roasted in a crust of almond
Crushed sweet potato in the olive oil and curcuma spices
Moliterno with truffle, ceps creamy emulsion
39 €

Breast of pigeon from Reunion roasted in crust of cereal with his leg confit
Duck liver pan fried, parsnips mashed, home made sweet potatoes gnocchis with parmesan cheese and rosemary
Summer truffle juice
37 €

Spinny lobster from Antartic, half one cooked with salted butter and the other one cooked like a big ravioli
Risotto flavoured with aromatic herbs
Shellfish bisque with vanilla fragrance
43 €

Filet of toothfish roasted, skewer of wild prawns
Fricassé of quinoa, vegetables cooked with créole spices
Beurre blanc  
38 €

Cube of red tuna half-cooked, garnished with lime, basil and sesam
Riso flavoured with confit tomatoes and aromatic herbs, wild tiger prawns and crispy parmesan
Tomatoes and asian spices emulsion
36 €

Vegetarian meal
Vegetables mashed, crushed sweet potatoes in the olive oil and curcuma spices
Fricassé of quinoa, vegetables cooked with créole spices
Tomatoes and asian spices emulsion 26 €    


Goat cheese mousse from “Takamaka” pineapple and hazelnuts
Sweet and sour of tomatoes shrubs and crunchy salad
14 €  

Tray cheeses served with grapes and its bittersweet dried fruits chutney
21 €


On a passion fruit cream
Mix of fresh fruits and sorbets, crunchy biscuit and littles orange macaroons
14 €  

Warm dark chocolate cake with a heart of tonka bean
Served with a fruit coulis and guava China sorbet
14 €  

Fine crisping biscuit, dark chocolate ganache, Bourbon vanilla ice-cream
Banana flambé with old rum espuma, coconut milk-shake
14 €  

The Victoria pineapple
In confit carpaccio, cubes roasted with caramel and sorbet
Hot waffle flavoured with vanilla, praline mousse
14 €

Milk chocolate ice-cream, white chocolate crispy and dark chocolate Guanaja mousse
Red fruit coulis and strawberrys roasted with honey
14 € 

Menu in four courses

Organic salmon tartar
Condiment basil roasted peppers
Crunchy blond sesame


Filet of toothfish meuniere, brioche breadcrumbs
Sweet potatoes mashed coconut ginger
Sellfish emulsion


Lamb fillet roasted
Semolina, Vegetables cooked in the broth
Spiced sauce


Finger biscuit like a millefeuille
Light vanilla pastry cream, pineapple
Home made Madagascar dark chocolat sorbet
Honey emulsion

Menu four dishes 69 euros per person, excluding drinks
Agreement wine costs 49 euros
Four glasses of wine 10cl

Menu in six courses

Our Chef, Marc CHAPPOT invite you to let you guide by the temptation of a surprising menu…

For all the dinner guests of the table, before 9.00 pm

Menu six dishes 89 euros per person, excluding drinks
Agreement wine costs 69 euros
Six glasses of wine 10cl

“Promenade entre Mers et Oceans”
Fish menu in eight courses

King Crab
Served in frayed with herbs, Osciètre caviar, marlin cube smoked
Chlorophyll of watercress


Scallops of Normandie
Half one, minestrone of vegetable “ginger passion” and soup iced of tomato and coriander
The other one, red tuna refreshed with a gaspacho sorbet, sesame seeds


Lobster of cold waters
Cooked natural, red palmist’s cabbage, mayonnaise with vinegar of sugar cane,
Grapefruit and hazelnut


Toothfish of Antartica
Confit at 63°C with thyme, fried mushrooms, creamy of sweet potatoes and small potatoes with oil and turmeric
Slace of black truffes


Blue Lobsters ans squid
Snacked, pasta with pistou
Yuzu and pine nuts, sweet pepper ans basil emulsion


Ombrine tropical
Roast on skin, fava and soy beans fresh
Sellfish broth flavoured with coconut milk
« Râpé de poutargues »


Passion fruit
Cream with mix of fresh fruits
And sorbets


Strawberies of Makes 
Roasted honey
Crunchy caramelized biscuit and dark chocolate Valhrona

Menu eight dishes 149 euros per person, excluding drinks
Agreement wine costs 89 euros
Seven glasses of wine 10cl

For all the dinner guests of the table, before 9.00 pm