The 4-star Margouillat hotel is a « hôtel de charme » as it is called in France or a « boutique hotel » as the North Americans say, is situated in Saint-Leu, on the West coast of Reunion Island.

In this haven of peace, the only noise you'll hear are the chirping of birds and the sound of a light breeze gently blowing through the wooden shutter slats. 

If you drive in from the north of the island, along the coastal road from Saint-Paul towards the south, you will see beautiful beaches where you can soon enjoy sunbathing. Alternatively, you can take the new and spectacular Tamarind road and enjoy the amazing beauty and allure of the highlands of Reunion Island
(take the Saint-Leu Colimaçons exit, drive down the road and through the city centre. take the left turn immediately after the gendarmerie.)

If you drive in from the south of the island, continue from Etang Salé down the coast. This section of the coastal road offers a breathtaking and untamed scenery. You may also continue your journey along the new section of the double-carriage road that slowly leads you to the highlands of Reunion Island
(take the Saint-Leu Stella exit, head down towards the sea, turn right and after the Hotel's signboard, turn right again)

There, behind the gendarmerie, is a residential area, a veritable balcony overlooking the sea. Follow the sign boards which will lead you to the hotel located less than five hundred metres from the lagoon.