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Saint-Leu is a small charming town situated on the west coast of Reunion Island. Unlike any other town on the island, Saint Leu offers both sportive and cultural activities.
Filao trees dotted beach and the sparkling blue lagoon is ideal for swimming and whiling away the time.
Explore the breathtaking coral marine depths and submarine walls. Scuba diving is available at several centres in and around the vicinity of Saint-Leu.
If you prefer action-packed holidays, adventure options such as paragliding is available.

If you want to slow the pace, enjoy the peace of an 8-hole golf course or visit the interesting Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory or the Stella Matutina museum,
or gain first-hand insight of the island's impressive Kelonia Marine Turtle Observatory.

After a beautiful and enriching day you may head back to the Blue Margouillat hotel. It is « Ti punch » time!