The 4-star Margouillat hotel is a « hôtel de charme » as it is called in France or a « boutique hotel » or « seaview hotel » as the North Americans say,
is situated in Saint-Leu, on the West coast of Reunion Island. It has twelve « Sea View » bedrooms and two Creole style suites.

The Blue Margouillat Chef, Marc Chappot offers a cuisine which is rich, original and sophisticated. His dishes are prepared with local products and spices.
An attractive range of sports and recreational activities such as golf, scuba diving, mountain bike riding, paragliding or trekking are available near the hotel.

Saint-Leu has four Museums and other attractions that are very popular on the island :
the Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory, the Stella Matutina and Salt museums as well as the Kelonia Marine Turtle Observatory are all worth the visit.

You can hire a car and visit the island's three cirques, the untamed South or the Fournaise volcano.

At the Blue Margouillat hotel, you will come to understand of the profound meaning of Beaudelaire's words: «There all is order, naught amiss: Comfort and beauty, calm and bliss ».